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Trusted Computing 1101: Introductory Trusted Platform Module (TPM) usage


About This Course

Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) are the most popular hardware security modules (HSM), widely adopted in personal computers, workstations, network equipment and servers. Nowadays, there is also a trend of integrating TPM 2.0 solutions in embedded systems, such as Medical, Industrial and Internet of Things products. This makes the knowledge of TPM very useful and important.

Here are some of the skills that this course can provide:

  • Use TPM for digital signing and sealing secrets
  • Use TPM for HMAC and hashing
  • Use TPM as a secure storage
  • How to enable the TPM's protection against Machine-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
  • Protecting external data using a TPM
  • Understand TPM internals and capabilities

This class takes students 8h21m on average to complete.


We use docker as a lab environment, therefore you must be comfortable with the command line. Some knowledge of cryptopgrahy and security terminology is needed.

Course Staff

Dimi Tomov

Dimi Tomov

Dimi founded in 2019, the largest developers' community about hardware security.

Dimi is from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria (EU 2007, NATO 2004). He has a BS in automation and control systems from the Technical University of Sofia (TU-Sofia). But Dimi's engineering work dates from before the university. He created industrial systems for plastic recycling plant, photovoltaic energy plant, and others.

In 2012, Dimi switched focus to the rising Internet of Things (IoT) market. He helped build a new door bell with voice-over-ip capabilities for a french company. Curious that an year later came the now famous Amazon Ring that had similar capabilities.

In 2014, Dimi was a sub-contractor for Juniper and took the task on building security solution with TPM 1.2. This was his first exposure to Trusted Computing. Information and tools for using the TPM were very hard to find. Dimi envisioned that Trusted Computing will have many applications in the future. He followed TPM 2.0 developments and visited many events to speak with people from the industry.

After failing to convince companies to help lower the knowledge barrier for Trusted Computing, Dimi founded on 1st of December 2019. Four years later, the community grew with over 300% every 6 months and has over 600 members, holds annual conference and monthly calls. It has become a place for discussions and troubleshooting of hardware security.

Between 2014 and 2019, Dimi also helped many enterprises bring new products to the market. For example, he built the fastest Hearing Aid Detection Algorithm for an ex-Siemens business unit.

Dimi rarely speaks at conferences but likes to lead discussion panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What learning paths is this class used in?

Trusted Computing, System Security

Do the instructors teach this class in person?

Yes, contact the instructor at for in-person teaching inquiries.