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Reverse Engineering 3011: Reversing C++ Binaries


About This Course

This course will be an advanced reverse engineering class for security researchers who want to expand their horizons and skills in reverse engineering C++ binaries.

C++ Binaries are full of mysteries, they have objects, inheritance, templates, vtables and many more and reverse engineering them is a task on its own. In order to correctly and clearly map a C++ compiled binary it requires a vast knowledge of C++ Internals.

The training will explain C++ reverse engineering topics including techniques and tools for dealing with C++ Binaries research. We will start with the identification of basic structures in C++ and continue with C++ Objects and Inheritance in binaries and how to represent them in IDA. We will also study work methods and design patterns in C++, practice, fight and untangle deep and modern C++ programs using static and dynamic analysis.


The requirements for the class are basic knowledge working in reverse engineering with IDA, and basic knowledge in C++.

Course Staff

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Gal Zaban

Gal Zaban is a Reverse Engineer with a particular interest in C++ code, currently working as a Vulnerability Researcher. As part of her journey in understanding the catacombs of C++, she developed various RE tools for C++ including 'Virtuailor'. In her spare time when she's not dwelling into low-level research, she designs and sews her own clothes and plays the Clarinet.