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Reverse Engineering 3011: Reversing C++ Binaries

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About This Course

The “Reverse Engineering 3011: Reversing C++ Binaries” course is an advanced reverse engineering class for security researchers who want to expand their horizons and skills in reverse engineering C++ binaries.

C++ binaries are full of mysteries, they have objects, inheritance, templates, vtables, and many more, and reverse engineering them is a task of its own. In order to correctly and clearly map a C++ compiled binary it requires a vast knowledge of C++ internals.

The course will explain C++ reverse engineering topics including techniques and tools for researching C++ Binaries. We will start with understanding basic C++ objects, how to identify and create their structures in IDA and continue with C++ Inheritance, Virtual Calls and Templates. We will also study work methods for reverse engineering C++, practice, fight and ,untangle C++ programs using static analysis.


For this course you would need to have prior knowledge in reverse engineering in IDA and be familiar with x86-64 assembly instructions. The course covers various topics of C++ reverse engineering so a basic understanding of C++ code is also necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What learning paths is this class used in?

Exploits, Malware Analysis, and Reverse Engineering.

Does the instructor teach this class in person?

Yes, both hybrid structure and in-person. Twitter: 0xgalz, email: galzaban[@]

Course Staff

Course Staff Image - Gal Zaban

Gal Zaban

Gal Zaban is a reverse engineer with a particular interest in C++ code, currently working as a vulnerability researcher on embedded systems.

She has experience researching low-level systems including embedded systems, hypervisors, operating systems and reverse engineering binaries of various assembly architectures.

As part of her journey in understanding the catacombs of C++, she developed various reverse engineering tools for C++ research including 'Virtuailor'. Gal also presented in various conferences such as RECon,Troopers, Cppcon, HandmadeSeattle and CoreC++. She also actively tried to raise awareness for the security of modern C++ aspects and explain what happens behind the scenes when a C++ binary is being reverse engineered. Gal gives both public and private training on various reverse engineering topics.

In her spare time when she's not dwelling into low-level research, Gal designs and sews clothes, and plays the Clarinet. Twitter: @0xgalz